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The VIA Classification of Character Strengths
Signature Strength Curiosity, Interest in the world What it means You’re open to new experiences and like to take a flexible approach to most things. You don’t just tolerate ambiguity; you’re intrigued by it. Your curiosity involves a wide-eyed approach to the world and a desire to actively engage in novelty. You love learning new things. You love being an expert and/or being in a position where your knowledge is valued by others. It’s important to you to think things through and to examine issues from all angles. You don’t quickly jump to conclusions but instead, carefully weigh up evidence to make decisions. If the facts suggest you’ve been wrong in the past, you’ll easily change your mind. You excel in finding new and different ways to approach problems and/or to achieve your goals. You rarely settle for simply doing things the conventional way more often looking to find better and more effective approaches. You have a good understanding of yourself and of others. You are aware of your own moods and how to manage them. You’re also very good at judging the moods of others and responding appropriately to their needs. This strength is a form of wisdom. Others seek you out to draw on your ability to effectively solve problems and gain perspective. You have a way of looking at the world that makes sense and is helpful to yourself and to others. Tick your strengths

Love of Learning Judgement, Critical Thinking, Open Mindedness Ingenuity, Originality, Practical Intelligence Social and Emotional Intelligence Perspective

Signature Strength Valour, Bravery What it means You’re prepared to take on challenges and deal with difficult situations even if unpopular or dangerous. You have the courage to overcome fear as well as ability to take a moral stance under stressful circumstances. You finish…...

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