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Used Car Dealers Industry Industry (NAICS 44112)

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2012 Industry & Market series
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Used Car Dealers Industry (NAICS 44112)

Users' Guide Industry Definition and Related Industries Industry Establishments, Sales & Employment Trends Industry Ratios Establishments, Firms & Payroll Sub-Industries - 2011 Estimated Industry Sales ($Millions) Sub-Industries - 2011 Estimated Number of Establishments Sub-Industries - 2011 Estimated Number of Employees 5-Year Trend - Estimated Industry Sales ($Millions) 5-Year Trend - Estimated Number of Establishments 5-Year Trend - Estimated Number of Employees 2012 U.S. States - Estimated Number of Establishments 2012 U.S. States - Estimated Industry Sales ($Millions) 2012 U.S. States - Estimated Number of Employees 2013 U.S. States - Estimated Number of Establishments 2013 U.S. States - Estimated Industry Sales ($Millions) 2013 U.S. States - Estimated Number of Employees 2012 U.S. Metropolitan Areas - Estimated Number of Establishments 2012 U.S. Metropolitan Areas - Estimated Industry Sales ($Millions) 2012 U.S. Metropolitan Areas - Estimated Number of Employees 2013 U.S. Metropolitan Areas - Estimated Number of Establishments 2013 U.S. Metropolitan Areas - Estimated Industry Sales ($Millions) 2013 U.S. Metropolitan Areas - Estimated Number of Employees Definitions and Terms

2012 Barnes Reports: U.S. Used Car Dealers Industry-Industry and Market report


Used Car Dealers Industry (NAICS 44112)
2012 U.S. Industry & Market Outlook
The 2012 U.S. Industry & Market Outlook report is the leading annual publication that describes over 120 major U.S. industries and 500+ minor industries. Published each year in October, the Outlook report provides the most current and accurate estimates of the size of the largest manufacturing, retail,…...

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...Techniques for aggregate planning range from informal trial-and-error approaches, which usually utilize simple tables or graphs, to more formalized and advanced mathematical techniques. This general procedure consists of the following steps: * Determine demand for each period. * Determine capacity for each period. This capacity should match demand, which means it may require the inclusion of overtime or subcontracting. * Identify company, departmental, or union policies that are pertinent. For example, maintaining a certain safety stock level, maintaining a reasonably stable workforce, backorder policies, overtime policies, inventory level policies, and other less explicit rules such as the nature of employment with the individual industry, the possibility of a bad image, and the loss of goodwill. * Determine unit costs for units produced. These costs typically include the basic production costs (fixed and variable costs as well as direct and indirect labor costs). Also included are the costs associated with making changes in capacity. Inventory holding costs must also be considered, as should storage, insurance, taxes, spoilage, and obsolescence costs. Finally, backorder costs must be computed. While difficult to measure, this generally includes expediting costs, loss of customer goodwill, and revenue loss from cancelled orders. * Develop alternative plans and compute the cost for each. * If satisfactory plans emerge, select the one that best......

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