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I am constantly making sure that my work is completed to the highest level as I take any criticism of my work positively. I am hardworking and a conscientious individual. I am able to work on my own but I, also, enjoy working in team. I am very creative person in an artistic way. I am very polite and enthusiastic person. I enjoy dedicating my time for charity.

“Wolverhampton University- Art and Design Department” * Experimented with different art techniques such as blending, mixing and shading * Mainly used chalk and charcoal to represent my ideas * Made collages using coloured tissue paper * Showed how to develop a story within a drawing * Good reference from the University as they stated that I was polite, enthusiastic and able to working independently * Considered me to be a sensible and hardworking person with excellent attendance

“Sikh Temple at Cannock Road, Wolverhampton” (every week) * Helped to run several classes including homework club where I assist young children in various subjects * Attend gym where I help people with training regularly * Help to prepare presentations about Sikhism to adults and children * Gained confidence and am able to supervise young people of all ages

“Charity work” * Volunteered in Barnados, charity shop * helped to raise money for charity by: 1. Arranging various dinner and dance evenings 2. Setting up stalls 3. Making cakes 4. Car washing * Last year, I helped to arrange the dinner and dance event for fundraising for charity called D.A.A.N. * Working for charity made trustworthy and organised person

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