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Unit 31: Fashion Retailing

M1: to achieve the merit analyse your findings

My two retailers that I have chosen are Primark, which are a department store, and JD sports which are a franchise. These two retailers have both their advantages and disadvantages individually as retailers and it is my task to explain and point out these advantages and disadvantages.

Primark is a department store, a department store characteristic features include * Large-scale retail stores * More than one department under one roof * Each department specialises in a particular kind of trade * They are located in the important central places of the big cities

They follow a basic principal; it is easier to sell more goods to the same customers if a large variety of goods are presented than to sell the same kind of goods to many customers, Primark follows this principal acting as universal suppliers.

Advantages of department stores like Primark:

Shopping convenience:
They allow customers to purchase all their goods under one roof instead of purchases different goods from different stores, this is a convenience to both customers and Primark as it saves the customers time and saves Primark time and labour

Wide choice:
The wide choice of goods Primark supplies allows customers to select goods of their liking from large stock of goods of different qualities like brands, design, colours, styles etc.

Economies of large scale:
Departmental stores, being large-scale establishments, enjoy all the economies and benefits of large-scale organisations. This reduces their costsand increases the profits.

Central location:
Department stores like Primark are located in the heart of towns and cities making it easier to access for customers.

Economy and Advertising:
The advertisement of one department is the advertisement of the other departments also. A…...

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