Understanding the Impacts of the Eu Framework Program of Research and Technological Development

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Understanding the Impacts of the
EU Framework Program of
Research and Technological
On the basis of Stratospheric Ozone Research


1) Evaluation of Framework Program
Amsterdam Treaty obligated EU to implement some European research program and policies in order to not fall beyond the world’ powerful countries such as United States or
Japan. Because of this obligation also involved a chapter on research and technological development, Framework Program of Research and Technological Development was established at early 80s. The main reasons of Framework Program focus on carrying
European Union to the world standards in the basis of research and development and make
EU to be able to compete with other countries on R&D areas, notably in energy and
Information Technology. Even so Framework Program had been started as one of the supportive program of R&D, day by day it has become to be one of the most powerful and important component of EU policy. In connection with EU’s desire on becoming as one body,
EU had to develop a way to be better at research and development areas than nation states.
Nation states were already making investment on R&D therefore there was no need to depend on EU and this point of view was conflicting with EU’s. Therefore to avoid and block the diversification between member states and EU, EU has started to invest on Framework
Program more and more by the time of progress and this made Framework Program sustainable and successful over time. Framework Program has become more importance with the release of European Research Area in 2000 and ERA made Framework Program more associated with EU research and innovation policies. In addition to ERA, establishing the idea of European Value Added which is about using EU funding to create or develop ideas, projects or policies etc. on EU level instead of national and…...

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