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Ashlie Russell
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Nick’s Story 1. Which symptoms that Nick has described so far are relevant to the nervous system? Are his symptoms sensory, motor or both? a. The symptoms that Nick has described that are relevant to the nervous system are the weird pains in his feet, like burning and prickling and he gets real dizzy when he sits down or stands up. Nick’s symptoms are both sensory and motor. 2. Do you think the symptoms Nick describes are likely caused by peripheral nerve damage? Could they be caused by damage to the central nervous system? b. Nick’s symptoms are most likely caused by peripheral nerve damage. Peripheral neuropathy is nerve damage that occurs in the arms and legs. The feet and legs are more likely to be affected before hands and arms. Symptoms of peripheral neuropathy may include: * Numbness or insensitivity to pain or temperature * Tingling, burning or prickling sensation * Sharp pains or cramps * Loss of balance and coordination
Nick has some of the symptoms that have been listed. There could be some damage to the central nervous system but not very severe or the symptoms that Nick exhibits would be more severe. 3. Which division of the autonomic nervous system would be affected and would be causing Nick’s GI tract symptoms? c. Sympathetic responses in the automatic motor neurons are affected and cause Nick’s GI tract symptoms. The blood vessel supplying the gastrointestinal tract constrict, which causes blood flow through it. 4. After becoming comatose, Nick was sweating profusely, and had rapid heart and respiratory rates and elevated blood pressure. Which area of the brain interacts with the autonomic nervous system during physical stress to initiate these responses? d. The hypothalamus interacts and regulates the response of the automatic nervous system during physical stress.…...

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