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Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning at Turner Construction Co.
By Emma Skogstad
How does Turner Construction Co., a partner in APQC’s Integrating Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning study and the largest commercial builder in the United States with 6,000 employees and offices in almost every major city across the country, ensure its employees have access to the training and tacit knowledge they need to perform their jobs? According to James Mitnick, a senior vice president at Turner, the organization focuses on performance-based learning. Performance, he says, is where learning, knowledge, and collaboration intersect. The Turner knowledge network is the enabler that brings those three components together to drive performance. The philosophy of the Turner knowledge network is: “to provide access to learning and knowledge across the company in a consistent and organized format to assist in the development, recruitment, and retention of staff.” History of the Turner Knowledge Network In 1999 Turner was acquired by Hochtief AG1, a German-based construction services provider. At the time, Turner’s new chairman, Tom Leppert, approached Mitnick with a vision for expanding the organization by aligning the learning and business strategies. Leppert believed this alignment was necessary to achieve the growth goals he set out for the organization: to expand by 15 to 20 percent each year--meaning the organization would have to add between 500 to 1,000 new engineers annually to accommodate for retirees, growth, and attrition. These engineers would subsequently need to be trained. Leppert wanted Mitnick to find a way to share information across the organization so that it could transfer the necessary skills and competencies, have them align with the business goals, and have the necessary resources in place to grow. In September 2000, Mitnick laid out the…...

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