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Troubleshooting Procedures
ITT Institute Virtual Library; Method and System for performing simplified troubleshooting procedures to isolate connectivity problems. “Initializing the proxy client module with the identity of a VLAN on which the client computer is connected and which an IP address of the end station in a network, with the client IP address and client MAC address, the identity of the VLAN and the IP address of the end station provided by a remote computer coupled to the third port of the switch; disabling the first port of the switch; with the proxy client module having a logical interference with the VLAN and utilizing the IP address of the end station in the network. The client IP and client MAC addresses and the identity of VLAN provided by the remote computer to: 1) assign the client IP address + MAC addresses to the logical interface with VLAN 2) Run a sequence of connectivity tests with the end station when the first port is disabled. 3) Reporting the result of the sequence of connectivity to facilitate identification of the reasons packets are being dropped; a) Determining whether the connectivity problem is on the switch or on a link in the switch b) Identify the reason for the packets being dropped c) Identify two features responsible for dropping the packets, such as failure to respond to Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)”
How Tracert Works
It uses ICMP Internal Control Message Protocol –Parameters www.gho;no/2009/03/how-tracert-works-its-magic/ p2
TTL or Time to Live is a part of the IP header and is designed to prevent packets from looping forever. When you send a packet, each router (hop) on the way will decrement the TTL value by one, and gradually reduce. When the TTL value reaches zero (0), the packet is said to be expires and is discarded. The router that…...

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