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Ambyr Braxton
Tribute/Eulogy Speech Final Draft
April 3, 2012

A Tribute to the Little Man, Alon

Well, I’m pretty sure we all know that there are countless instances when someone would need to write a tribute speech. It could be for a graduation, a wedding, or in my case this class assignment. The hardest part about writing a tribute speech is finding the right words to say that’ll make this person seem godly, but for Alon, my little brother, I had no trouble finding words that tell just why I admire him. Born in the month of August on the 22, Alon came into a world, crazy as it is, on an unplanned pregnancy. Most people would say it’s hard to do a tribute speech on someone so young, but really they’re some of the best people to do a tribute on. Alon, being only three years old is one of the kindest, most honest people I know of.
His short black curly hair and small features such as his nose and his ears show the innocent Alon still has because he hasn’t been influenced by the world he lives in yet and is still, obviously, growing up. I know that every time I look into those almond shaped brown eyes of him, I’m looking into the eyes of someone whose eyes are blind and unknown to lies. Getting an honest opinion from him isn’t hard, seeing that’s all I get from him. Still being so young, Alon’s mind is as honest as it gets because he hasn’t had the experiences an older person would have, he hasn’t been influenced by anyone else, so when asked what he thinks of something he’s telling what he thinks, even if it isn’t always what you want to hear. With the white winner’s smile he has, still with very few teeth, it can light a room and instantly change your mood. This is another reason why I honestly adore Alon. His happy-go-lucky self makes you just want to be happy because someone who is so little but is so happy makes you feel like there’s still some good…...

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