Traffic Cases

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Traffic Cases
Charging System 5.0


2/1551-FAV 101 72/4 Uen B

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2/1551-FAV 101 72/4 Uen B | 2011-02-11


1 1.1 1.2 2 3 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 4 4.1 4.2 4.3 Glossary Reference List Introduction Purpose and Scope Typographical Conventions General Common for all Traffic Cases Mobile Number Portability Community Charging Location Based Charging Notifications SDP Selection Subscription ID Independence Traffic Cases Real-Time Charging Services Offline Charging Services Voucher Refill and Enquiry 1 1 1 3 5 5 5 6 8 10 11 13 13 47 48 57 61

2/1551-FAV 101 72/4 Uen B | 2011-02-11

Traffic Cases

2/1551-FAV 101 72/4 Uen B | 2011-02-11



This section describes the purpose and scope of this document, as well as typographical conventions used.


Purpose and Scope
The purpose of this document is to describe exemplify signalling sequences for different traffic scenarios in the Charging System. The signalling sequence examples provided in this document are not meant to cover all possible scenarios. The purpose is to give a general overview. The main target groups for this document are as follows: • • • • Network administrators System administrators Application administrators Operation and Maintenance (O&M)…...

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...witnesses and drivers 7. Exchange information and complete the crash report 8. Tow vehicles 9. Re-establish traffic flow as soon as possible, especially on major roads and around rush hours 10. Cite the violator I would like to go over each of these and give what they mean. An officer's responsibility to conduct a motor vehicle collision investigation begins at the time he or she is directed to the collision scene. It is at that precise moment that the officer should begin to obtain as much information as it is available from the radio operator, such as type of collision, location, extent of injuries, traffic condition, etc1.then the officer should at the set speed for the department procedures of running code to a scene proceed to and secure the scene. If medical attention is needed, the officer will call it in, but assuming that there is no such need, the officer’s first job is to. This is the 1st of the 10 things we as police should do. the patrol vehicle is the first available tool to use in traffic control, other devices such as plastic traffic cones and flares can also be used. They help to channel other cars away from the scene. when the first responding officer has evaluated the injuries involved and rendered medical assistance if necessary, they should begin divert cars from the scene then he should try to get the cars out of traffic as soon as possible. But he should take a few quick photos of the crash site with them untouched. Then move the cars......

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...responsible for this? Traffic jam is that magician. Traffic jam has become a great monster in our modern life. Traffic congestion is not only affecting our business but the education sector as well. Students cannot do other tasks such as photocopying or collecting notes before attending class in the morning because a lot of time gets wasted on traffic congestions. It wastes lot of working hours of students as well as teachers. In many occasions, students and teachers fail to attend classes in due time. And it is more painful when students fail to reach exam halls and fails just due to a social problem. Now just think everyday how much national time is wasting, how much economical activities are losing, for the traffic congestion problem. This assignment is focusing current situation of traffic congestion problem in Dhaka city. What is Traffic jam? A traffic jam is a long line of vehicles that cannot move forward because there is too much traffic, or because the road is blocked by something. Over the last few years the traffic congestion problem of Dhaka City has visibly been deteriorating steadily. Limited resources, invested for the development of transport facilities, such as infrastructure and vehicles, coupled with the rapid rise in transport demand, existence of old transport and also huge number of non-motorized vehicles on roads, lack of application of adequate and proper traffic management schemes are producing severe transport problems in almost all the traffic route......

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...Traffic Fines Notification Dear Users, you can now register in Traffic Fines Notification service by receiving a notification through different channels such as: 1. Email. 2.Short text message (SMS)on your mobile phone. 3. Fax. (How to register) First: If you were registered before in the Traffic Services through Dubai Police website 1. If you were registered before in the traffic services through Dubai Polic website, you will automaticly receive a notification through your Email in additional to other methods you selected before such as the SMS or the Fax as shown in figure 1. Figure 1 2. Also, you can renew your previous registration details by entering Dubai Police website > Online Services >Road and Transportation Authority-Traffic services as shown in figure 2. 29 / 5 /2007 Traffic Fines Notification manual Figure 2 3. When you click the Traffic E-Services link, you will be converted automatically to the Road and Transportation Authority website. Press the User login link on the left of the page as shown in figure 3, the User login screen will appear as shown in figure 4. Figure 3 4. When you login using your user name and password, you will be known by your traffic file. Figure 4 5. When you complete you login steps to your personal file, you will get the following page as shown in figure 5. Press the User Details link on the left of the page. 29 / 5 /2007 Traffic Fines Notification manual Figure 5 6. If you did not register in the Traffic...

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...Term Paper on Traffic Jam in Bangladesh TERM PAPER ON Traffic Jam in Dhaka City Prepared For Mohd. H.R. Joarder United International University Prepared By MD. Aminul Islam Ariful islam MD. Mesbahuddin Shahanaz Parvin Mou Jeenniifeerr Islam Date of submission Name of Group Members Letter of Transmittal May 5, 2012 Mohd. H.R. Joarder Faculty School of Business Administration United International University Dear Sir, It is a great pleasure for us to submit our Term papers on “Traffic Jam in Dhaka city”. It is a great opportunity for us to implement the knowledge that we have learned in our academic career to work a Term papers on “Traffic Jam in Dhaka city”. We try our level best to make this Term papers to the required standard. We hope that this report will fulfill your expectation. We therefore, hope that you would be kind enough to go through this report for evaluation Sincerely yours ------------------------- --------------------- -------------------- MD. Aminul Islam Ariful Islam Shahanaz Parvin Mou ----------------- ------------------- Jennifer Islam MD. Mesbah...

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