Tradition Turned Dirty

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Tradition Turned Dirty The old neighborhood was nearly unrecognizable.
There were no limitations set this year for our annual rivalry of destruction between the city and county of our town. We always referred to it as rival destruction but it had always been clean fun before this year. It had never led to such destruction in the years past. The old neighborhood versus the new neighborhood was a tradition that always resulted in vandalism but nothing to the nature of what we came back to in our inner city neighborhoods the morning after our festive night. The rivalry turned down right dirty and immoral.
Rivalry week, as we called it, was the week leading up to the very special Friday night when the Valdosta High School Wildcats would take on the Lowndes County High School Vikings. The students of Valdosta High, which included me, were referred to as the “old hood” and students of Lowndes County High were the “new hood”, since their county suburbs were freshly constructed. People that aren’t from Lowndes County would wonder why some high school football game be so special, until they witnessed this crazy, exciting annual event. Our town’s high school students wouldn’t revolve a whole week around this one night unless it was truly a big deal! Even so, we were afraid that after this particular year, our “big deal” tradition would forever be put to an end.
The Thursday night before the big game, our crew of Valdosta Wildcats set out to seize some seriously planned fun of vandalism. We all dressed in black to disguise as we swarmed the houses of our county rivals. Stocked up on toilet paper, silly string, paint guns, forks and of course, window markers, we were in action. After only having our fun with a few houses, Viking parents started coming outside to get into their cars. We had no idea what was going on so of course, with the ever so fulfilling rush of…...

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