Top Reasons Why Our Company Should Go Green

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Top reasons why our company should consider “Going Green”

Prepared For:
Adrian Rivaldo, Owner/President
St. George Warehouse

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Business Sales Manager
The Green-Green Company

Date: December 14th, 2014

by Kristie Lorette, Demand Media

1650 N. Hamilton Ave Torrance, California 90242

St. George Warehouse
2345 Imperial Hwy
Los Angeles, CA 90745

Attention: Mr. Adrian Rivaldo

Top reasons why our company should consider “Going Green”

I have taken the initiative and looked around to find a way to save money for your company, and helping out our environment at the same time. I found out that there’s a method called “Going Green” that many companies have taken into effect. I went online to look at different companies to see how they have benefited by “Going Green”. This report includes information on the different ways to save money, and be more helpful in the community. There are plenty of tax credits that our government has been giving out to the companies that have adopted this method. Not to mention more business opportunity because customers like companies that care about their environment, and community. We appreciate the opportunity, and time you have given us. We look forward in working with you in this upcoming project, and many more in the future.

Jose Rivas
Jose Rivas
The Green-Green Company
Business Sales Manager



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