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_________________________________________________ (“DISTRICT”) a member of the Arizona School
Risk Retention Trust, Inc.

In consideration of the mutual representations, warranties and covenants provided herein, the parties hereto agree as follows:




____________________________________ District is a member of the Arizona School
Risk Retention Trust, Inc. (Trust).


The Trust wishes to make the services of an Authorized Insurance Representative available to members of the Trust.


The District recognizes that the services of an Authorized Insurance Representative will be helpful in the management of its risk, and wishes to contract with the Trust for these services in the form of additional administrative duties.


In providing these additional administrative duties, the Trust will:

Assist the District in an annual review of the District's exposure to loss, using forms provided by the Trust.

Assist the District in preparing all underwriting data required by the Trust in a timely manner.

Review the annual quotation of contributions with the District.

Familiarize the District with the coverages and requirements of the Trust.
Attend operational and school board meetings as necessary to answer questions and provide direction to the District concerning Trust-provided coverages. 

Facilitate the timely issuance of all documents necessary for Trust membership. 1

If requested by the District, facilitate the issuance of verifications of coverage as needed by the District to satisfy various lending institutions, mortgage holders, lessors and contracts as required.

Assist the District in the review of policies, procedures, plans and manuals related to…...

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