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Indifference in the Universe

All through my life, I was taught to think that the universe was guided and created by a higher being. After many years of education and increased interest in such things I have come to think that the universe is indifferent. Meaning that the universe as a whole is not moralistic at all, bad things do not happen to bad people and good things do not happen to good people. Things just simply occur to no one’s benefit at all everything has reason and purpose. Thus being said sometimes people may think there is no God. I do believe in God not as a moralistic God or a just God, but a supreme God.
First there are many different types of religions in this world and many have commonalties such as a heaven or a hell. Which are good places and bad places for where people go when they die and meet certain requirements (usually moral)? These similarities are the result of a universal effect called suffering, every human being on earth rather rich or poor suffers. Suffering is the cause and the effect is humans attempting to answer suffering, i.e. heavens, nirvana, hell etc. People cannot explain why we suffer; therefore a trait of humanity attempts to answer this question, hope. People live, suffer and exist in this world and what happens after they leave is totally irrelevant. In my thought of indifference it has made me come to believe that everything in the universe is pre-arranged.
Pre-arranged reality- meaning that everything that has or will happen will occur exactly in that manner regardless of self will. This thinking comes from the notion of the big bang theory, or in other words the creation of our universe. This in theory started from subatomic particles colliding with each other to create matter and energy. This notion explains in entirely the past and the future, cause and effect history does not…...

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