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Tijuana Flats was founded by a young man, Brandon Wheeler, who had recently graduated from UCF. It was built on core values that not all restaurants are able to possess. The foundation of Tijuana Flats comes from the values of respect, quality, opportunity, integrity, fun, and finally community. Each of these core values have helped to transform Tijuana Flats, the small restaurant that was founded in Winter Park, into the successful business that it is today. The first principal that Tijuana Flats follows is respect. In today’s era, transforming any fledgling company into a prosperous business demands respect on every level of work. This level of respect at Tijuana Flats starts with the upper management and owners and stems down to those who are preparing the food in a vertical alignment as discusses in a previous class. Since a high level of respect is bestowed upon everyone within the operation, respect is then passed down to the consumer. When the customer is treated with respect they are more likely to return and become a loyal customer. Another way that Wheeler made sure this company would be successful was by ensuring quality of service of the product that Tijuana Flats serves. When the product is served to the customer it is always served fresh. It is also achieved when the employees are able to take pride in their product because they know that what they are creating is quality. Opportunity is awarded to those who are providing a high work quality to Tijuana Flats. Given the opportunity for advancement the workers are motivated to provide a higher level of production and performance. The opportunity is also a strong motivation for workers to take pride in the company and the growth of Tijuana Flats. This is also part

2 of the reason Tijuana Flats has been able to expand from just Winter Park to different areas and even different…...

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