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Made this 27th day of April, in the year Two Thousand Fifteen (2015)
Between JANE P. SMITH, of the Borough of Dalton, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, hereinafter referred to as the Grantor A N D
Adam Jones and Sally Jones, husband and wife, of the Borough of Clark, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, hereinafter referred to as the Grantee. WITNESSETH, That in consideration of the sum of One-Hundred Fifty Thousand ($150,000.00) Dollars, in hand paid, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, the Grantors do hereby grant and convey to the said Grantee, their Heirs and Assigns, ALL those certain lots, pieces or parcels of land situate in the Borough of Clark, County of Lackawanna and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, bounded and described as follows, to wit:

BEGINNING at a point in the Easterly line of Rock Avenue which point is Twenty (20) feet Southerly from the division line between Lots numbered 197 and 198; thence along the line of said Rock Avenue in a Southerly direction Eighty (80) feet to a point still in the line of said Rock Avenue; thence at right angles to the last mentioned course in an Easterly direction One Hundred Seven and five-tenths (107.5) feet to a point in the rear line of Lot numbered 205; thence at right angles to last mentioned course in a Northerly direction and parallel with said Rock Avenue and along the rear line of lots numbered 205, 206, and 207, Eighty (80) feet to a corner; thence at right angles to last mentioned course and in a Westerly direction One Hundred Seven and five-tenths (107.5) feet to a corner in line of Rock Avenue, the place of BEGINNING.

Containing approximately 86,000…...

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...BA 260 WEEK 4 ASSIGNMENT DEEDS A+ Graded Tutorial Available At: Visit Our website: Product Description BA 260 WEEK 4 ASSIGNMENT DEEDS, In this situation, Gemma prefers to have a warranty deed because this deed will provide the most protection against any defects of the title claimed against the property that is to be sold. A warranty deed is a pretty basic deed that, for the most part, states the seller owns the property and there are no liens (debts) against the property that will be transferred over. It is stating that the property is legally owned by Wiley and there are no hidden tie-ins that Gemma should be aware of. This deed ensures Gemma that the property he or she is buying is actually owned by Wiley and Gemma won’t be met with any surprises later on. Furthermore, if a third party were to try to claim the property down the line, the warranty deed would legally protect the Gemma and he or she would be entitled to compensation from the original seller. In this situation, Gemma prefers to have a warranty deed because this deed will provide the most protection against any defects of the title claimed against the property that is to be sold. A warranty deed is a pretty basic deed that, for the most part, states the seller owns the property and there are no liens (debts) against the property that will be transferred over. It is stating that the property is legally owned by Wiley......

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