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TOM 1 ! TOM Professor Lewis English Writing 482 12 March 2011 There is Only One “Race” Exordium Despite thinking I had unconditional love two or three times with women who are now ex girlfriends, it is only with family that I have truly found it. Few things, if anything, have more meaning and value than family, and no one should have to do without the tremendous love, special bond, and support a family can provide. Yet there are so many children in need of good families. A People magazine cover from earlier this year clearly hit a nerve with some as it showed the award-winning actress and recent transracial adopter Sandra Bullock lovingly embracing her newly adopted black infant son (see fig. 1). Madonna also came under fire when she decided to adopt a Malawi baby boy in 2006 (see fig. 2). Dr. Christina Villarreal—a practicing psychotherapist and ex-teacher at Argosy University who is an expert in culturally diverse populations and a contributor to the Department of Public Health—states that in the United States, the
Fig. 1 Not everyone looked as happy as Sandra Bullock while holding her baby, Louis Bardo, because of their contrasting views of transracial adoption.

majority of hopeful adoptive parents are white, yet half the adoptable children are black. One need not possess great math skills to conclude that these ratios will create a very unhappy ending for
Fig. 2 Madonna holds her precious 2-yearold, David Banda.

TOM 2 ! adoptees if laws or society’s disapproving pressure thwart the placement of these children with good, loving families. Some believe these children in need belong only with those who are the same race. Conversely, I and others believe people of any race are capable of being great parents, for it is love and ability that should determine the worthiness of adoptive parents, not race. Narratio This issue at hand, which shouldn’t even be an…...

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