There Is No Way Like the American Way

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There is no way like the American way

What does the slogan actually mean? An American would probably say that the American way of living is the best way of living and with high standards. But is it how the Americans really live?

Fifty years ago, that might have been the answer from a white American, but for a colored American, an African American for instance, it is a whole other story. Back then, around the sixties, there weren’t much you could call laws that supported the blacks. In fact, they didn’t really have any rights at all. They weren’t allowed to sit on the same benches as the whites, nor the same buses as them. Women weren’t even allowed to vote! The females’ rights to vote happened in the twenties, but only for white women. Thinking that black women aren’t worthy enough to vote is absurd. That is what a country is about though, right? It is the people who are to decide how they want their country to be formed - All of them. Not just men. Not just the whites. They can’t just decide what other people want.

The injustice does not stop there. Even as a child they grew up, believing that the black Americans were less worth than the whites. At school the black and white children went to different schools, as if they were different from each other. White children, and youth too, would refuse to go to the same school as “negroes”. Why and for what reason? Were the white youngsters smarter than the black? I doubt it. Did the blacks have more “problems” than the whites? Not because of their skin color anyways. If anything, they might have problems with each other, because that is what community taught them and it is the way community raised them.

Equality is still a problem – even today, in our community. It does not necessarily just come across your mind, but if you start thinking, you will realize that the country that is supposed to be…...

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