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The Station Agent: Isolation at a Glance

The feeling of isolation is by far one of the worst feelings that one can experience. Isolation is the state where one separates themselves or is separated by people or groups. When in isolation it is very difficult for someone to come and comfort or break the barrier that has been built. The barrier is built in order to keep others away. It is the state of solitude. In the movie, The Station Agent, I believe the main theme was isolation. Isolation was a factor that played for all three main characters; Fin, who isolated himself from society because of his appearance, Joe, who isolated himself from friends because of his father’s business and Olivia, who isolated herself after the death of her son and the separation from her husband. The only way isolation can be prevented for these three characters is for them to feel a sense of belonging.

Finbar McBride, also known as Fin is a little person. He does not like socializing with others, instead he much rather enjoys being left alone. In the beginning of the movie, I begin to think that maybe Fin loves trains so much because it’s a way for him to hide behind them. At work, in the train toy shop, he stands behind shelves and desks, making him barely noticeable and even outside near the train tracks, he tends to explore underneath the train. This focuses the movie on him being behind the bigger picture most of the time. Fin enjoys being left alone and isolated because it seems to be the only time where he is not mocked or seen as an amusing feature at an expedition. When Fin’s friend passes away and gives him the railway house, Fin is more than happy with his inheritance because he believes that it’ll give him full privacy. After

moving into the railway house, Fin finds out that privacy is the last thing he will be receiving in this small town. The barrier between…...

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