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Book Written by Robert S. McGee

This report is based upon the book The Search for Significance, written by Robert S. McGee. The book publisher is Thomas Nelson, Inc., it’s the 2nd. Edition and was copyrighted in 1990. There are 339 pages and includes The Search for Significance Workbook. This is my first reading of this book and it was chosen because my church started a women’s small group in September that was going to be discussing the Workbook. I had wanted to join the group, and wasn’t able to, thus seeing this book on the required listing for this class thought I would get insight from the book and join the group next year. I also liked the cover which has a man with his hands stretched out and looking to the sky, yielding to God for wisdom and direction for his journey. The cover also states there are over two million copies of this book in print. The author Robert McGee is a professional counselor and lecturer. He founded the Rapha, which is a nationally recognized healthcare organization that provides inpatient and outpatient care for adults and adolescents suffering with psychiatric and substance abuse problems from a Christ centered perspective. As of the writing of the book he was the president of Search Resources.

This book provides the principles to understand Satan’s lies concerning one’s self worth, false beliefs and God’s truth regarding the false beliefs. I really enjoyed reading this book. The detailed information provided regarding the 4 False Beliefs of Satan’s deception, God’s Specific Solution and Results of God’s Solution was provided in a very understandable and applicable way. There is a great chart on pages that provides a summary of the information discussed in each chapter regarding the false beliefs.

Worth mentioning are the The 4 False beliefs and God’s Truth from pages 118 and 119, as follows:
False Belief is…...

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