The Scary Truth of G.M.Os

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Brenna Peterson
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Response Paper Four
14 October 2013
The Scary Truth of G.M.O’s Technology is becoming more involved and infused in our food than it ever has before. Every day, our food is moving away from being “natural” and becoming something that is created in a lab. Companies who should not be concerned with how our food is being made, are doing everything in their power to control the food business. Genetic engineering is where scientists take the DNA from one organism and plant it into another organism. Scientists have been doing it to many different types of food, from corn, tomatoes, salmon, and apples, just to name a few. Even though this is a “great” breakthrough, there has not been nearly enough testing done to see how it would affect us, the environment, or other animals, to let it be out on the market. Studies around the world are showing how genetically modified foods are leading to many difficulties people are suffering, from an increase of allergies, to more cases of celiac and Chron’s Disease, and becoming infertile.. If companies like Monstanto are going to create foods like this, we deserve the right to know how our food is being produced and what can happen to us when we eat it. Ever since genetically modified organisms started showing up, we have seen an increase of allergies in people. The modified seeds and foods have not gone through nearly enough testing before being used to make sure that what the scientists were using would not cause harm to humans. They are using all of these ingredients that are foreign to our body, and because we have never eaten anything like it before, our bodies react with allergy-like symptoms. Other an increase of allergies, there are studies showing that there is a link between GMOs and celiac disease, which is where the body has an intolerance to gluten. The American Academy of…...

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