The Role of the Internet and Crime

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The Role of the Internet and Crime
The internet has brought much advancement to our society. How we communicate with others and how we entertain ourselves has been greatly changed by the internet. We can stream videos, chat with friends, and purchase goods from any internet connected device. The internet has also brought many problems as well. Digital crime has been aided by the internet. The internet has given criminals a new avenue to do their deeds. Actions such as fraud, bullying, and sexual related crimes have all been aided by computers and their connection to the internet.
Criminals have been committing fraud for ages. Fraud is defined as “an intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual” (“Fraud”). Such things like the bait and switch have been going on well before the internet. A person is told that an item is being sold for a really low price so the person goes in to purchase said item. Once they get to the store, they are told the item is unavailable and are switched to a more costly item. With the internet has come advertising which can potentially do the same thing. Online dating sites also do this by posting fake profiles to entice people to join or once joined get messaged by a fake profile to entice you into upgrading your account to message back. A few years ago, seven online merchants that operated more than 40 web sites paid out a $765,000 settlement for a bait and switch scam (Katzmaier). Once the customer placed an order a salesman would contact them and try to sell them additional or upgraded merchandise at higher prices. If the customer denied the additional sale the company would cancel the order or claim the item was out of stock. If they did agree they would be sent lower quality products than they were promised (Katzmaier). The basics of this scam are to get people to spend more money than…...

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