The Problem of Texting and Driving

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What should be done about the problem of texting and driving

The whole society have spread by mobile phones, but it also can produce some unexpected harm. Mobile communications are linked to a significant increase in driving, resulting in injury and lost life.

The Problem of texting and driving is the driver has fluke mind, when comes a text message, they think that just two seconds distracted and it doesn't matter, but this kind of behavior is also very dangerous. Maybe it just a few seconds, it can caused injury or the public property has damaged.

The solution of this problem is the Government agency can inform and educate the public about the dangers of distracted driving. They can make some advertisements and posters to remind people. Secondly, the Government and the traffic department can take the publishment. Such as, when the police found in the process of driving, the driver's hands holding a phone, they have to pay a fine or penalty points. And the second solution is better.

The Problem of texting and driving is the large percent of drivers were mostly teenagers. Their thought is not mature, and they have no awareness of the dangers of this approach. They just focus on mobile communications, and don’t think about distracted driving wether would hurt others.

The solution of this problem is we can created a dedicated website to help in this effort and share information. Secondly, related activities can be carried out by school and do lecture to the students. By the comparison, the second solution is more effective.

Sending message when driving is very dangerous. If in a car accident, there will be a lot of people injured, all we should avoid this situation. So the Government should take the publishment like charge a fine or penalty points. In school, they also can do lecture for…...

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...What is the topic of your speech? Texting and driving. 2. Are you speaking on a question of fact, value, or policy? Fact 3. What is your specific purpose statement? To persuade my audience to not text while drivingand pay more attention to the road. 4. Can you answer yes to all the questions on the Specific Purpose Checklist on page 87 of your textbook? Yes 5. Is your speech meant to achieve passive agreement or immediate action from your audience? Passive agreement. 6. What is your central idea? Today, I will discuss reasons why you should not text and drive, the consequences of what can happen when you do text and drive, and some statistics showing the injury and fatality rate of this dangerous act. 7. Can you answer yes to all the questions on the Central Idea Checklist on page 92 of your textbook? Yes 8. What is the target audience for your speech? How will you adapt your speech to be persuasive to your target audience? Be specific. My target audience is everyone who currently texts and drives or knows someone who does it. 9. What method(s) of gaining attention do you use in the introduction? Presenting the audience with facts about texting and driving along with using visual aids and outcomes of texting while driving. Pjlskj 10. How do you establish your credibility in the introduction? I establish my credibility in the introduction by admitting to texting and driving and placing myself in the shoes......

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