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Assignment 3

Identify the company you chose and describe the product or service they provide.
The company I chose was The Natural Baby Company. They provide cloth diapering and natural baby products. When purchasing from The Natural Baby Company you are getting well made, often organic products that have been tested and proven in the market place. Everything you would need for a baby could be found at The Natural Baby Company.
Describe the types of buyers most likely to purchase this product or service.
The types of buyers who would most likely purchase these products are mothers, fathers, and local businesses who will like to sell The Natural Baby Company products in their stores. Since its opening NBC has been a huge success.
Indicate the personal factors that might impact their buying decision.
Parents who are buying NBC products probably are thinking about the baby size, if the products are safe. The quality of the product, saving money, and the convenience. Now a day’s parents are looking for the new thing, and NBC is it. It has just about everything. They even have something for the parents.
Using Maslow’s needs Hierarchy explain the potential buyer’s motivation?
Using Maslow’s Hierarchy I think the buyer motivation would be safety, when buying things people would always worry about the safety of whatever they are buying. I find it since this is baby products parents would want the product they are purchasing to be safe, and comfortable.
Then using the Stages of Adoption process on page 182, describe the adoption process used by the consumer of your chosen product or service.
Awareness: Parents are always looking for something new when it comes to having a family. They want safe and reliable products, but don’t know where to start.
Interest: When they find a product such as what NBC are…...

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