The Mysterious Blogger

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The Mysterious Blogger
Rafael A Berastain
Nov 14, 2013
Professor Jones

The Mysterious Blogger
Despite a new computer security system, someone, who must be a company employee, is still posting company information on a private blog site. Most of the information is available elsewhere, but the leak concerns you. One of your other employees determines who is posting the information, at home and without company authorization. The other employee also hacks into the blogger’s home computer and discovers a material that is not allowed in the company computers.
The ethical issues on “The Mysterious Blogger” were whether the information obtained by Jamal Moore, the IT Tech was enough to discipline Aaron Webb, the blogging employee for violating the NDA policy. In one side, the company has an employee named Aaron Webb that is posting illegal blogs and violating some of the company policies. In the other hand, the company has another employee, Jamal Moore that is trying to help somehow to unsolved this mystery blogger. The only thing is that Jamal is also violating some of the company policies by letting me know about the situation.
After finishing the Ethic simulation, I notice that my decision was only made on thinking only what is right and also thinking that I did not want anybody to think that I chose anybody sides. In order for the company employees to learn the consequences of wrong actions, they need it to see what the outcome was. Not really paying attention to others. Now the outcome was more negative towards me that made the decision of firing both. As a manager I wanted to show the company the outcome of doing such thing. Even though I was glad at Jamaal for sending me that email and I was able to resolve the mystery. Otherwise I was not going to be able to ever find out who was actually sending this blogs. The simulation put me on a tight…...

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