The Model Image

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The Model Image
Body imaging is one of the most popular topics amongst the younger generations today. While issues of body images are more focused towards women, men also experience these issues. According to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders about 24 million people in the United States suffer from so sort of eating disorder. About 10-15% of those 24 million people that suffer are men. This issue comes about because of the societal norm that everyone must look a certain way and if they do not look this way it is a problem. This picture is the perfect example of how this societal norm can affect anyone’s lifestyle.
If not everyone, almost everyone wants to have that “model image”. They desire an image that is seen in magazines and on television in ads and commercials. I think it makes them feel normal or to up to the standard of society and like they are a part of a status quo. I can honestly say I’ve been through this before myself. I would look at the guys on TV and say I want my body to look like that. This made me start going to the gym more and working out with the heaviest weights I could, in order to get the model body I wanted. I even changed my eating habits and started a new diet to gain the weight I wanted to transform into muscle. This was something I felt could happen in a matter of weeks. When in reality it would take a few months for me to gain weight and build muscle that I wanted. I would have to arrange my schedule so that I could workout everyday to maintain this figure I wanted so badly.
My results were coming along great and it kind of gave my social life a huge boost. Working out and getting a better build to myself began to attract more female attention. It also raised competitive sprit between my friends and I because none of us wanted the other to have a better body, have more girls, or become better…...

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