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TCP 1241 – Computer Programming II


A. Grouping | * Min ONE student, Max THREE students * STRICTLY NO COPYING from other group | B. Deliverables | * Report hardcopy- refer Guidelines in part E.- code is not required to be printed. * Demo- prepare the softcopy of the codes (virus free) and ensure it is in proper working condition. You will have to demo how your system works and will be asked for questions to verify your work. The demo date will be announced later.Note: * Anyone caught to have submitted a copied work will be awarded a zero, including the group that the original code belongs to. Codes that are downloaded from the web receives the same fate as well. * Late submission will be punished by deducting 5 marks per day. | C. Important Dates | * Report hardcopy is to be submitted to your lecturer on 23 January 2015 (Friday) before 4pm. | D. Problem StatementThe objective of this assignment is to refresh and enhance the skills of the students in problem solving involving functions, arrays, classes and others using the C++ programming language. Students MUST use the inheritance concepts in the OOP. Students are required to select a title from the list below and register with your tutor (First come first serve). Your program must be able to perform the following functions based on your chosen title: 1. Add/register new accounts. 2. Delete and cancel existing records. 3. Modify existing records. 4. Display requested records. 5. Display the year end statistics for summary purposes. 6. Save the record. 7. etcSuggestions: * Create base and derived classes based on the given entities. You must use the inheritance concepts in the OOP. You may create any suitable entities for your designed system. * Create suitable attributes for all the classes. Every base class will have general…...

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...Essence of edification “Next “ I stand firmly as my professor called my name; I was well equipped about the graded recitation for that day, I reviewed all my notes and studied all the past lessons. When my teacher started to utter the question, I was a bit stunned, the question suddenly came out like this, “what is the essence of being a student? “. I was puzzled and confused at the same time; it is not the type of question that I have in mind. It took me a few seconds before responding, and luckily, I have satisfied my professor with my answer. But since then, that question baffled my mind. Factually speaking, a student is someone who attends an educational institution or someone who’s currently enrolled in an educational program. Education plays an important role in one’s life, like everyone says; education is the key towards excellence. A person who had achieved education has a lot of opportunity in the industry. A person who is educated is a person who has the ability to pass through the challenges at stake in this human race. It gives us the pride to stand tall and confidence to attain our goals. Educational life has been one of the most fruitful moments for a student, it is where you mold your abilities, develop your skills, build your personality, and most of all, it is the place where you find your pals. In some cases, these days, students lose their interest towards education, and it is a predicament that should be......

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...The essence of neoliberalism | As the dominant discourse would have it, the economic world is a pure and perfect order, implacably unrolling the logic of its predictable consequences, and prompt to repress all violations by the sanctions that it inflicts, either automatically or - more unusually - through the intermediary of its armed extensions, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the policies they impose: reducing labour costs, reducing public expenditures and making work more flexible. Is the dominant discourse right? What if, in reality, this economic order were no more than the implementation of a utopia - the utopia of neoliberalism - thus converted into a political problem? One that, with the aid of the economic theory that it proclaims, succeeds in conceiving of itself as the scientific description of reality?This tutelary theory is a pure mathematical fiction. From the start it has been founded on a formidable abstraction. For, in the name of a narrow and strict conception of rationality as individual rationality, it brackets the economic and social conditions of rational orientations and the economic and social structures that are the condition of their application.To give the measure of this omission, it is enough to think just of the educational system. Education is never taken account of as such at a time when it plays a determining role in the production of goods and services as in the......

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...high levels of salt in foods. For some foods, sodium still plays a role in reducing the growth of pathogens and organisms that spoil products and reduce their shelf life. In other applications, sodium levels remain high because salt plays additional functional roles, such as improving texture. A number of other sodium-containing compounds are also used for increasing the safety and shelf life of foods or creating physical properties. This work begins with a review of the non-taste or flavor-related roles of salt and other sodium-containing compounds in food. The second part will briefly discuss the role that sodium plays in various food categories and provides examples of the sodium content of various foods. ------------------------------------------------- FOOD SAFETY AND PRESERVATION ------------------------------------------------- As mentioned previously, the first major addition of salt to food was for taste and to prevent spoilage. Prior to refrigeration and even now, salt was one of the best methods for inhibiting the growth and survival of undesirable microorganisms. Although modern-day advances in food storage and packaging techniques and the speed of transportation have largely diminished this role, salt does remain in widespread use for preventing rapid spoilage (and thus extending product shelf life), creating an inhospitable environment for pathogens, and promoting the growth of desirable micro-organisms in various fermented foods and other......

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...THE REAL ESSENCE OF LIFE Many of the people often times failed to discover the beauty of having differences in a community. The mind setting of the many is to conquer differences and consider one thing in common. What could be the possible effect of this mentality to the society? Whatever religion we fight for is not a hindrance upon achieving a peaceful society. We all have the right to choose what we knew our heart is shouting for. It is still believed that we have a life to live and a spirit to lift. For whatever reason it might be for all of us, we are all gifted with the same being. We only differ on what we profess and what we worship. Yet it is not necessary that we should force other people to believe on what we know is right to believe. The only thing that is left in us is to stay to what we believe, not to destroy what other people has built in them. We are one people though we belong to different religions, countries, etc. It should tell us now that the difference in us does not suggest that we are to treat our neighbors with different levels depending on their position in the society they belong. We are all one if we believe that we can be together though we are coming from different origins. We ought to respect our own brothers and sisters since we are responsible for each other. If we proclaim in our selves the beauty of diversity, we will have altogether a united community. The thing is we have a mentality that only us understands. ...

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...According to Michael Porter (1996), the essence of strategy is choosing to perform activities differently than rivals do. Discuss. Strategy is the direction and scope of an organization over the long term which achieves advantages for the organization through its configuration of resources within a challenging environment to meet the needs of markets and to fulfill stakeholder expectations. According to Porter, the goal of strategy is to achieve a “superior long-term return on investment.” Economic value is created when customers are willing to pay a price for a product or service that exceeds the cost of producing it. In many industries, hypercompetition is a self-inflicted wound. The root of the problem is the failure to distinguish between operations effectiveness and competitive strategy. Both are essential to superior performance and are the primary goal of any enterprise but they work in different ways. Operational effectiveness (OE) means performing similar activities better than rivals perform them. OE includes but is not limited to efficiency. It refers to any number of practices that allow a company to better utilize its inputs, for e.g, reducing defects in products or developing better products faster. Differences in OE among companies are pervasive. Some companies are able to get more out of their inputs than others because they eliminate wasted effort, employ more advanced technology, motivate employees better, or have greater insight into managing......

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