The Effects of a Healthy Diet

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14 March 2015
The Benefits Of Eating A Healthy Balanced Diet Living a healthy, happy, productive life is a growing concern among Americans today; both young and old alike. According to the Medical News Today, the top three leading causes of death among Americans are heart disease, cancer, and stroke. (Medical News Today: Saturday April 15, 2006) Sadly, the cause, prevention and cure for cancer remains largely unknown. However, the first and third of these fatal diseases are both highly preventable. The roots of this prevention stem from making knowledgeable, health conscientious choices about the foods we consume on a daily basis. A twenty three year study was conducted by the World Health Organization from 1990 – 2013. The study suggests that by the year 2020, the heart disease and stroke mortality rate will enhance by a rate of 78% in woman and as much as 106% in men. The same study also concludes that by adhering to a “Mediterranean” diet, increasing ones intake of anti-oxidants, vitamins, potassium, and calcium, the probability of falling victim to these devastating diseases can be greatly reduced. Clearly a dedicated effort put forth to eating well promotes numerous advantages. Advantages which include a stronger, healthier heart, a more toxin free body, and a better functioning immune system; ultimately resulting in a longer and happier life! First and foremost, eating a healthy balanced diet promotes heart health and is key to protecting the heart against the onset of Heart Disease. Heart disease is caused by the formation of plaque built up within the arteries. This can cause restriction, reducing the flow of oxygen and nutrients throughout the circulatory system. Plaque can also trigger clots that often lead to heart attack, stroke, and death! As indicated in his book, “The thirty day heart…...

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