The Bombing of the American Embassy

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The Bombing of the American Embassy in Kenya | | POL-375 International Terrorism |


Americans have focused majorly on the horror and devastation of September 11, 2010. The media covered acts of heroism and terrorism on US soil. These events were horrific; however, they were not the first time that terrorism has touched our precious land. The bombing of the US Embassy, in Kenya, is just one incident that occurred prior to 911.

When we think of terrorism towards the US, everyone naturally thinks of 911; although, this would be a natural reflect, it shouldn’t be. Our country has been under attack several years prior to that memorable day. Does anyone remember the “powerful terrorist car bomb exploded outside US embassy in Kenya, killing at least 81 people – including eight Americans – and injuring more than 1600.” (William Claiborne. The Washington Post. Washington, D.C.: Aug 8, 1998. pg. A.01) American lives were lost on this day, also. Not only were there Americans among this death toll, but it was “confirmed that Osama bin Laden planned, financed and executed the attack.” (Jack Kelley. USA TODAY. McLean, Va.: Aug 21, 1998. pg. 04.A) As we live in the comfort of our homes, and go about our lives; our country has been under assault from this mastermind dating back to 1995. This event has familiar aspects to the mayhem that occurred on September 11th. There was a simultaneous bombing at the US Embassy in Tanzania on August 8th. These events mirror very closely, and at the hands of the same man. It was as if he was practicing for the cou de gras, the bombing of our Twin Towers and the Pentagon. “Osama left his family business at the age of 21 to support Afghanistan against the invasion of the Soviet Union. He was trained by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in support of this fight. At that time of his life he shared the…...

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