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Risks Related to Our Business and Industry

Our limited operating history makes evaluating our business and future prospects difficult, and may increase the risk of your investment.

You must consider the risks and difficulties we face as an early stage company with a limited operating history. If we do not successfully address these risks, our business, prospects, operating results and financial condition will be materially and adversely harmed. We were formed in July 2003. We began delivering our first performance electric vehicle, the Tesla Roadster, in early 2008, and as of March 31, 2012, we had only sold approximately 2,250 Roadsters to customers, primarily in the United States and Europe. Our revenues for the three months ended March 31, 2012 and 2011, were $30.2 million and $49.0 million, respectively. We have a very limited operating history on which investors can base an evaluation of our business, operating results and prospects.

To date, we have derived our revenues principally from sales of the Tesla Roadster and from electric powertrain development services and sales. We intend in the longer term to derive substantial revenues from the sales of Model S, Model X and future electric vehicles. Model S is in development and we plan to commence deliveries in June 2012. We have no operating history with respect to Model S and will continue to negotiate production pricing with our sources of component supply and make adjustments to our component procurement process and vehicle design, which limits our ability to accurately forecast the cost of producing Model S at its full annualized production rate. Further, we have only recently produced an early prototype of the Model X crossover. We plan to start Model X production in late 2013 and ramp to significant customer deliveries in early 2014. We only completed the purchase of our Tesla Factory in…...

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...Corporate strategies for Tesla 1. Open patents As an electric car pioneer, Tesla had always playing a traditional IP game, holding more than 1,400 patents. However, on June 12, 2014, Tesla CEO Elon musk surprised all by releasing its patents and said that the company would not challenge infringements on most of its patents (Musk, 2014). Some say that this particular strategic move of Tesla will make the company suffer in the end since all its competitors could get access to its IP. But Elon Musk thinks different in his announcement by saying that instead of the small trickle of non-Tesla electric cars being produced, the true competition is the enormous flood of gasoline cars pouring out of the world’s factories everyday. The whole electric car industry and the world would benefit from a common, rapid-evolving technology platform (Musk, 2014). We perceived this strategy to be really effective and try to analyze impacts of this move on both the EV industry as a whole and on Tesla itself. * Creating affordable mass market of electric vehicles. By opening its patents, not only some small or medium-size car manufacturers but also some high-end premium car manufacturers like Mercedes could use Tesla’s technology to build EVs thus enlarge the EV market. Also that makes Tesla technology becomes a standard and most companies producing electric vehicles will dependent on Tesla’s improvement. * Promoting standardization. Tesla could set the industry standard...

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