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Topic: Telangana Issue

Telangana is a region in the present state of Andhra Pradesh, India and formerly was part of Hyderabad state which was ruled by Nizam. Andhra Pradesh State has three main cultural regions of which Telengana is a one part and others includes Coastal Andhra region on the east and Rayalaseema region on the south. When the move to merge Telangana with Andhra was mooted in 1953 the people of Telangana had several concerns. The region had a less-developed economy than Andhra, but with a larger revenue base (mostly because it taxed rather than prohibited alcoholic beverages), which people of Telangana feared might be diverted for use in Andhra. They feared that planned irrigation projects on the Krishna and Godavari rivers would not benefit Telangana proportionately, even though people of Telangana controlled the headwaters of the rivers. It was feared that the people of Andhra, who had access to higher standards of education under the British rule, would have an unfair advantage in seeking government and educational jobs. The Congress party's central leadership decided to merge Telangana and Andhra despite opposition in Telangana. An agreement was reached between Telangana leaders and Andhra leaders on 20 February 1956 to merge Telangana and Andhra with promises to safeguard Telangana's interests.

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In December 1968 Osmania University students organised a rally to protest against discrimination in government jobs against Telangana people. Discontent intensified when some of the guarantees agreed upon were supposed to lapse in January, 1969. Due to Jai Andhra agitation in the Seema-Andra region in 1973, protesting…...

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