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Buley, T. (2009). Electricity in the Air. Wireless power technologies are moving closer to becoming viable options. In my section I have to do a research on the most recent developments and this article has some information about the latest product that uses wireless electricity. Plus the author summarizes each of the new discoveries.

Evans, P. (2009) Electronics. Wireless electricity products sparks a new industry.

This web page will also help me with my research on the most recent developments. This web page has information on products that work through wireless electricity. The author explains in details each of the product from how they work and for what they would be use.

WellHome. (2010). WellHome Improve the weather inside. Cutting the Cord: The World of Wireless Electricity.

This web page is full of information on how wireless electricity is or will be use in the fields of arts, products that we use such as cars, and how interior designer will benefit from wireless electricity. It concludes the report with the prediction of that a large majority of the electronics will wireless by the following 3 to 7 years. This would help my section in wireless electricity and its cultural context.

Avro, S. R. (2009). Consumer Energy Report. Wireless Electricity is Real and Can Change the World.

In my section of the report, I will be doing a research on what opportunities wireless electricity has brought to our world. This web page is full of information on how this technology could benefit our world and the doors that would open for us as consumers. (2002). Pure Energy System Wiki: Finding and facilitating breakthrough clean energy technologies. Directory: Wireless Transmission of Electricity.

This web page has plenty of information in regards with wireless electricity from history,…...

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