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TechPro™ Operation Manual Model ARH1

10-02 (WEB) EG

Instrument Illustration
Reference Junction (under Glass Bulb) pH Sensor (User replaceable)

Conductivity Cell (Built-in Electrodes) Temperature Sensor

pH Glass Electrode

pH Sensor Protective Cap

User selectable temperature compensation ratios (Solution Selection)
KCl NaCl 442

Units of Measurement Parameter
LO BATT mS µS PPM PPT mS - millisiemens/cm (millimhos/cm) µS - microsiemens/cm (micromhos/cm) PPM - parts per million PPT - parts per thousand Conductivity Conductivity TDS TDS

Icon for pH



Icons for either Conductivity or Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) COND TDS pH pH key Conductivity or TDS key: User selectable for either Conductivity or TDS (Switch Selectable)


Wrist/neck strap slot (user supplied)

For detailed explanations, see Table of Contents 1-12-99


FEATURES and SPECIFICATIONS • • • • • • • • • • • A. Features Superior resolution 3 1/2 digit LCD Conductivity/TDS accuracy of ±1% of full scale pH accuracy of ± .05 pH units All electrodes are internal for maximum protection Latest electrode cell technology Water resistant Autoranging Conductivity/TDS Easy Conductivity/TDS and pH calibration User selectable Conductivity/TDS modes 3 “User Selectable” solution conversions (tempcos) Temperature Accuracy of ±1° C/F 3 1/2 Digit LCD 7.7x2.7x2.5 in. 196x68x64 mm 11.2oz./320g ABS ABS 0.2 oz./5 ml 0.04 oz./1.2 ml 9V Alkaline Battery >100 Hours/5000 Readings 32-132°F/0-55°C IP64/NEMA 3

D. Warranty/Service The ARH1 has a 2 year warranty, excluding the pH sensor, which has limited 6 month warranty. If an instrument fails to operate properly, see the Troubleshooting Chart, pg. 17. The battery and pH sensor are user-replaceable For other service, return the instrument prepaid to the Myron L…...

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