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What We Learned
RoShawn Sheppard, Maurice Schneider, Everett Richardson
October 21, 2013
Tracey Ragin

What We Learned
During the past week we learned how the younger generation is coming up with different ways to communicate with each other. With children today they are becoming more advanced as the technology becomes smarter and more accessible. We discussed how the kids are coming up with their own text language because they use phones to communicate rather than using the face to face method. Knowing what kids do with the technology that’s coming and going has made us understand how they think. Understanding how much they can do and create shows us how we can communicate with our children in the future.
In week one of BIS 220, we introduced ourselves to the class and instructor. We went over many different things but the main thing that stood out is the way that the children of today communicate. With the advances in technology and comprehension, today’s children are even smarter than we were growing up. Their ability to multi-task and have an almost intuitive understanding of new technologies that are introduced daily puts them well ahead of the older generation when they were their age. It seems that children are developing a comprehensive ability to operate and master new technologies. Having developed a profound language that only they can understand is definitive proof that they are the wave of the future. The children have a way of communicated that we recall saying in class would “dumb” them down; but was enlightened by the instructor that our perception of the language could be biased by my inability to completely understand it. The way that children use their language to send and receive messages by phones and other technological devices is remarkable. They are using modern day technology and enhancing their ability to…...

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