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Bikash Mishra
Contact Number: +91- 9836896663
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Seeking a position with a well established organization where my extensive experience will be further developed and I can maximize my management skills, customer service skills and training experience.

Career Summary | * Over 8 years of ongoing experience in MNC BPO like Aegis ,Wipro and IBM * Proven track of efficient leadership and management * Strong communication skills which helps in creating new business opportunities and maintain the existing tie-ups to ensure future prospects. * Efficiently managed any change and developed the team accordingly.


* Supervise the team of 20 to 30 people * Scheduling events * Ensure compliance to company methodology and quality standards * Handle Client Accounts Improve customer service based on client feedback through the development of new policies and procedures * Maintain good staff relations through effective communication, leadership, discipline and motivation

TRAINING SKILLS * Conduct training on company’s product. * Provide new updates to the team members related to the products and processes

Education | * Bachelors of science from Calcutta University – 2005 * Class XII( BIO SC) -2003 from Gyan Bharati Vidyapith * Class X -1999 from Gyan Bharati Vidyapith

Professional Experience |

IBM Daksh Process services Ltd (Currently acquired by Concentrix India ltd)

(October 2010 – Till Date)

Lead Analyst

Roles & Responsibilities: * Leading a team of agents, monitoring operations in compliance with service level agreement. * Analyzing key performance…...

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