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Your dreams are unique. Now the only problem is that you spend most of your time trying to figure out what in the world they actually mean! So today you’re going to figure out what the different symbols mean so you can translate your dreams!I have spent a good amount of time researching about this topic, so I can assure you everything that you will learn today will be in fact true!

Main Points:
-Good Dreams
-Bad Dreams
-Fun Facts

Unment needs- A problem that isnt or has not been solved. REM- (Rapid Eye Movement)
We dream of the present or past, not the future.
Dreams are reflections of situations that already happend
We dream of Umment needs or chronic problems that werent solved yet and are one big source of bad dreams. Also, they are one of the main causes of recurring dreams.
We dream in symbols and everyone has his/her own set of symbols.

Keys things to focuse on in your dream:
Symbolizes a new beginning or the end to a situation. If you are shaking hands with a celebrity in a dream, then it suggests that you are well liked by others
Symbolizes Perfect balance, unity and harmony!
Ice Cream-
Symbolizes good luck and satisfaction with your life! Alternatively, it could mean that you need to cool off
Symbolizes swiftness, agility, and braveness

Anxieties over your appearance
How others percive you
Frustrated with yourself because your voice isnt being heard
Lack of self confidence

"Oh Drats I'm Being Chased!"-
Symbolizes that your running away from your problems.
If your being the chaser, then your dream is highlighting your drive/ambition to go after something

"Am I Naked Again?" -
Symbolizes a feeling of shamefullness, or trying to be something that your not

-Within 5 minutes of waking half of your dream is forgotten. Within 10, 90% is…...

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