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The University of Texas at Dallas

SYSM 6301: Systems Engineering Architecture and Design

SYSM 6301: Systems Engineering
Architecture and Design –

JANUARY 15, 2015
Copyright © 2015, LCMI Engineering, PLLC, All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2015, LCMI Engineering, PLLC, All Rights Reserved

Today’s Agenda

Course Overview
Assignments Overview
(Intro to) What is Systems Engineering?
Introduction to Roles and Functions Of SE
Conceptual understanding of the SE lifecycle process.

The University of Texas at Dallas

SYSM 6301, Introduction

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Copyright © 2015, LCMI Engineering, PLLC, All Rights Reserved

Who is Alix Minden?
Contact Info and Licensing

• Contact Info
Phone: (469) 278-5264
Office: ECSN 3.924
Skype: AMinden

• Licenses
– Registered Professional Engineer (P.E.), Texas
– Project Management Professional (PMP), PMI
The University of Texas at Dallas

SYSM 6301, Introduction

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Copyright © 2015, LCMI Engineering, PLLC, All Rights Reserved

Who is Alix Minden?

BS in Electrical Engineering, Tri-State University
Certificate in Spacecraft Design, Stanford University
MS in Engineering Management, SMU
MS in Systems Engineering, SMU
MS in Management, SMU
PhD in Systems Engineering, SMU, Expected 8/2015


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Eng 221 of my daughter. I provide you with these times to make it easier to communicate with me, and not to limit our contact. I want you to know that, should you need to contact me outside this timeframe, you should not hesitate to do so via my University of Phoenix e-mail. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND e-mailing me with your questions or concerns, since it is best to document our conversations with a paper trail. I have yet, in nine years of being a UOP instructor, found a student who has a question or concern that couldn’t best be discussed via e-mail. If you need to call me, then please e-mail me first to schedule a time and to leave your phone number. For emergencies, when you are not able to gain access to messages on the Online Learning System (OLS), please send a message to my personal email address: In the event a third party needs to contact me, please direct them to my contact information listed under Facilitator Information. No third party should use your login credentials to gain access to the classroom. GENERAL COURSE DESCRIPTION This course covers the fundamentals and best practices of using written communication in business and in the information technologies. Topics include strategies, techniques, and nuances for producing emails, memos, reports, proposals, project specifications, and user manuals, as well as other technical documents. COURSE OBJECTIVES • Identify how writing methods are used in the corporate......

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