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SWOT analysis
1. Heineken’s leading brand portfolio includes more than 170 international premium, regional, local and specialty beers.
2. The company has undertaken various advertising and promotional initiatives, which has improved its brand equity.
3. Strong brand portfolio helps the company to create a favorable image in the market and ensures stable revenues.
4. Heineken has a large network of breweries. It owns over 125 breweries in more than 70 countries.
5. Strong network of breweries helps the company boost customer satisfaction and reduce costs
6. Excellent branding and top of the mind recall owing to advertising and sponsorship initiatives
1. Beer markets in Western Europe faced a challenging year due to the combined impact of the financial crisis, mixed weather, smoking bans and unprecedented increases in excise duties
2. Maintaining corporate values, image and quality standards in various countries is a challenge
3. Being a leader susceptible to fake imitation products
1. Heineken’s acquisition of other breweries and brands
2. Expand product line – for new areas and to accommodate changes in taste and preference.
3. Innovations contribute to the top-line growth and to the strength of the Heineken brand in particular.
4. Integration forwards and backward.
5. Falling trade and ownership regulations in foreign countries.
1. Heineken’s acquisition of other breweries and brands
2. Expand product line – for new areas and to accommodate changes in taste and preference.
3. Innovations contribute to the top-line growth and to the strength of the Heineken brand in particular.
4. Integration forwards and backward.
5. Driving top-line growth by winning customers at the point of purchase has been the key rationale behind the roll-out of Heineken’s extra Cold program.
6. Falling trade…...

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...SWOT Analysis One of the first steps to starting your own business is to develop a clear and concise business plan. Each person’s business plan is going to be different is some way; however, there are several key points which should be included in the business plan. I will discuss further the following six key points: an executive summary, company background information, market analysis, functional and organizational strategies and resources, management team, and time line and major milestones. The business plan I chose is the financial planning business plan. The first reason I chose this particular business plan is that my ultimate goal, after completing my bachelorette degree, is to open up a financial planning company to assist the less fortunate citizens. The second reason I chose this business plan is that is suitable for the company I plan to open. It lists some of the key points I mentioned in the paragraph above. The second step to starting a business is to put together a SWOT analysis. This is a system that focuses on recognizing the internal strengths and weaknesses of the proposed new venture. SWOT also focuses on evaluating external opportunities and threats that will promote or hinder the success of the new venture.  (Jones, 2007). In order to recognize the internal strengths of my company, I have to first begin with developing a management team of strong leaders that have the skills and experience in the field of finance. If my management team is...

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