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Michael King
BUS309 Prof. Zimmerman
Michael King
BUS309 Prof. Zimmerman
Assignment 2
Assignment 2

My Experience in Corporate America
As a single man in the work force with no kids and only an immediate family consisting of my parents and sister, describing the balance I seek between career and family life is difficult. The balance I have with the family I do have is no more than going to work, visiting my parents or hanging out with my sister on occasion. I work more than anything dealing with my family life and other than those things I stay to myself. Overall, it is a fairly balanced between my career and family life. The current mindset of corporate America at the moment is conducive to the type of work and family arrangement I have. Due to the fact I have no family life, as in wife and children, I am much more flexible in how I balance my career and family life. The major reason why the current mindset of corporate America is conducive to a balanced career and family life for is me is simple in that I am single and if I have to work my parents and sister understand and doesn’t impact the relationship between us.
Maternity Leave in the United States
When approaching the subject of paid maternity leave, the United States tends to fall behind many countries around the globe. Many companies in the United States do allow a short maternity leave, which is often unpaid or requires mothers to expend what little sick time or vacation time they may have accrued. However, this is not a guaranteed benefit by the U.S. government. Companies should be required by the government to provide this benefit to new parents. By allowing a mother to stay home and, for example, breastfeed her child, the child is receiving the best nutrition and immunity from mom. Not only that, a woman who breastfeeds will be…...

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...Assignment 2: Swedish Daddies Jo Ratliff Dr. Diane McGeehan BUS309: Business Ethics February 25, 2015   Assignment 2: Swedish Daddies Introduction It is difficult to balance family life and to work full time. When children are first born, one has to choose between a child care service and staying home yourself to take care of your children. The balance is comprised of more than just child care; as the children get older its school and extra circular activities. In the sixties and seventies not all women worked full time. At the same time men in this country at least were not as involved in the day to day upbringing of their children. Many European countries are helping men to become more involved in their children’s nurturing from birth. They are provided paternity leave along with maternity leave. This makes for healthier and happier families and that equates productive and contented workers. Case Summary The article from the textbook tells of Sweden taking a different stand. “Whereas America stands almost alone in the world in not guaranteeing women paid maternity leave, Sweden provides sixteen months paid leave per child, with the cost shared between the employer and the government” (Shaw, 2014). Sweden, Germany and Iceland all provide varying amounts of time off for new parents. These countries are attempting remove distinction between men and women when it comes to working and having a family. America can learn a lot from these countries...

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...Next, I m going to answer the question …………….with my college Melody. We focus on a labor intensive industry, construction sector and a high tec industry, ICT sector, in terms of the competitive advantages, caz we find they teo have a lot in common, so our argument would be The Swedish institutional framework has uniform impact upon different firms and industries. A key character of Swedish Model is the collective agreement, in other words, Swedish government is less involved in labor relations, collaborated relation between employers and employees provides employee cooperation in companies, such as wage moderation, decision-making. They can be more engaged in corporate governance. Then, the collective agreement is based on strong trade unions and employers organizations. The rate of unionization rate in Sweden is extremely high, over 90% of Swedish belong to a union. It means that there is a considerable degree of autonomy for the social partners to conclude collective agreements. Construction work in Sweden is well paid and there are attractive benefits such as highest levels of maternity leave, generally five weeks of paid vacation a year, and also safe working conditions, which is the top priority in construction industry. In the labor intensive industry, Sweden has attracts skills workforce from domestics well as foreign markets, this leads to sufficient labor force, and the accident rate is low compared to other countries. Besides, the special training system...

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