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My Plan for 6 month survival in Annotto Bay, Jamaica
Annotto Bay, Jamaica is located along the northeast coast of Jamaica. It’s location makes it perfect lush area to plant vegetation and fish in the three rivers and ocean located nearby. The fruits of the island are mango, Jamaican apple, plantain, banana, jackfruit, guinep, papaya, cherry, pineapple, soursop, sweetsop, lime, orange, tangerine, grapefruit, melon, lychee and sugarcane. The wildlife suitable for hunting in Jamaica, especially in the northeastern region are: buffalo, wild hogs, and elephants. 1) Water A) Bring 10 Gallons B) Use Fresh Water from rivers and streams C) Bring Water Filtration Osmosis Supplies 2) Food A) Bring 2 Cases of MRE’s B) Bring a fishing pole and hooks and sinkers C) Bring a shovel and an entrenching tool D) Bring citrus and banana seeds to plant E) Bring a rifle, shotgun, and 5 cases of ammo for each 3) Shelter A) Bring a Tent B) Bring a blanket C) Bring a Pillow 4) Tools
A) Bring Rope
B) Bring Basic Hand Tools(hammer, level, screwdrivers, wrenches, etc.)
C) Bring 6 assorted boxes of Nails
D) Bring An Axe
E) Bring a roll of duct tape
F) Bring a can of WD 40 5) Fire A) Flintstone B) Strike anywhere matches C) Gather firewood and kindle 6) Clothing A) Bring 3 Outfits B) Learn to use natural items to make clothes C) Use elements in nature to clothe myself (leaves, vines, plants, animal skins) 7) Other Inhabitants A) My combat buddies B) My daughter C) My girlfriend D) My former scout leader 8) Getting to the location A) Airplane B) Ground Vehicle (Jeep) C) Area Guide D) Boat 9) Handling medical emergencies A) Bring a basic first aid kit B) Bring extra bandages C) Carry an epipen D) Use basic first aid techniques and memorize…...

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