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Survey Paper
In the world of research and information gathering there a number of tools and methods that can be used that will assist in the research process. Among these tools are surveys. Surveys allow researchers to obtain information from individuals through questionnaires delivered through mail, electronically via the internet, or in-person. The method of delivery for the current survey will be through the mail. This will enable researchers to reach a large geographical population range, as well as reach customers who may not frequently visit the business locations. The rate of response will inevitably be low, but a 30% return rate will be acceptable to acquire reliable data. The survey will also be available and presented in-person to customers who visit our banking locations. With the information gathered through the survey, our researchers will be able to begin determining the answer to our question.
The survey that has been created will enable researchers to address the problem statement of: “are the highest users of banks services concerned about earning interest on their account balances.” This problem statement requires that information be obtained in two key areas. The first area that information must be obtained is to determine who the highest users of the banks services are. Once that information is obtained, we can begin to determine the importance of earned interest on those accounts. This survey is designed to address both key areas of importance, and is formatted to easily differentiate the two categories. Survey questions at the beginning of the survey are target to obtain data relative to determining who the highest users of the banks services are. The second part of the survey is structured to obtain customer’s opinions and feelings on how high interest levels of their bank accounts affect their satisfaction as a customer. The last question is…...

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