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Wendell K Stephens
Strategic MGMT Seg 2
RAND Corporation

1. What made RAND so Conducive to fostering and facilitating strategic thinking and strategic thinkers during the cold war?

The original organizational direction of RAND corporations was to allow a small select group of intellectuals who were successful in collaborating with scientific work for the military during and after the World War II. The formation of RAND was initially placed under the guidance of the Air Force, however, the sentiment of senior leaders in the military, government, and intellectuals participating felt that continuing under the umbrella of one of the branches of the military might stagnate the benefit of having a group of “free thinkers” from achieving great results. RAND was given independence to conduct research and this freedom of thought was “guarded” within this group of researchers.

RAND attracted creative talent and individuals who were free thinkers who found comfort in not being held to a deadline or driven towards an A or B outcome choice.

RAND fostered strategic thinking based on all of the intellectuals from various disciplines like economics, mathematics, research analysis, were placed in an environment with colleagues from the most influential intellectual institutions of the day as well as the federal sector, military and civilians branches of government. RAND received a grant from Henry Ford II ($1,000,000) which allowed the organization to become a non-profit organization with no direct oversight and agenda handed to the early key minds.

These intellectuals could collaborate across fields and often bought in leading intellectuals that could contribute to the cause of connecting military scientist and industry, with several players coming from academia prior to the war, to figure out how science, social sciences, math,…...

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