Summary of Sin Bin or Lucy's Heart, by Lucy Cross, 2000

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“The Sin Bin or Lucy’s Heart” by Lucy Cross, 2000

The story begins with Lucy being in detention and describing the room and situation. She seems very fascinated by her best friend, Bethan. Bethan is the toughest girl in their year of their school. Lucy’s a bit afraid of Bethan, too. Sometimes she’s relieved when her mother says that she can’t see her. Because then she can be herself and not who Bethan wants her to be.
Lucy has some dreams and opinions that are being pushed down by Bethan. She can no longer get the good grades that she used to. She has to be cool and rebellious like Bethan.
Lucy feels split between her mother and Bethan because Bethan want Lucy to break the rules her mother made. They put on makeup when they come to school (for Lucy’s mother does not approve it) but Lucy takes it off after saying goodbye to Bethan, before Lucy herself go home. She does not want to revolt her mother but she doesn’t want Bethan to think she’s a square either.
Lucy sits at the detention, thinking of what she did to be in there. She hit her former best friend, Penny Jones. Bethan made her do it, because she felt threatened by her. Penny Jones was her best friend, until Bethan asked Lucy to be HER best friend. Lucy feels really bad about hitting Penny. She looks back to the time Penny cried to Lucy that her father used to hit her mother. She also cried when Lucy hit her and that makes Lucy feel even worse about doing it. But Bethan was standing behind her, to make sure she didn’t jib.
Penny’s mother is trying to move her to another school, but first they need a scholarship. Lucy’s glad for her because she wishes the best for her former friend.
I think Lucy is fascinated of Bethan, because she does the things that Bethan tell her to even though she doesn’t like doing it. She often thinks of what Bethan says and hides her own opinion.
It’s the insecurity of…...

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