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Virtual Lab: Stopping Distance of a Car
Question: How can we determine the deceleration rate of a virtual car? How does reaction time affect the stopping distance of a car?

Go to this website: and on the left side of the screen select “Stopping Distance of a Car”

Introduction: In this virtual experiment, a yellow sports car is coming to a stop from some initial velocity. On the left of the screen below the car you see a position vs. time and velocity vs. time graph of the motion. On the right of the screen below the car you are given lots of information about the car’s motion: time, distance covered, speed, distance traveled before braking, distance traveled after braking, and total stopping distance. Follow the instructions for the lab and answer questions as you proceed.

Instructions: 1. Load up the Java Lab from the website shown above. 2. On the left side of the screen select “Stopping Distance of a Car” 3. Before you start recording data for the lab, “play” around with the buttons at the bottom of the screen and see what they do. (Play, pause, reset, step back, step forward.) 4. When you feel comfortable, hit the “clear trace” button and go on to procedure 1.

Procedure-Part 1

Reset/clear trace and have the initial speed is set at 80 km/hr, the reaction time is 0.10 s, and the coefficient of friction is equal to 1.00. Answer the questions below PRIOR to running the simulation:

Analysis-Part 1

1. Convert 80 km/hr into m/s. (The graphs are in meters and seconds!) Show math.

1 hr = 3600 sec

1 km = 1000 m

80 km 1000 m 1 hr

------ × ------ × -------- = 22.2222 meters per second hr 1 km 3600 sec

2. Where do you see this speed in m/s confirmed on your screen?…...

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