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Step 1: Set up hypotheses testing
If you are trying to prove something scientifically, put it in the alternate.
If you are challenging a statement, put it in the null.
Step 2: The level of significance determines what value of z will be used as the critical value FOR: | TWO TAILED | LOWER TAIL | UPPER TAIL | α=.01 (99% CONF) | Z CRIT = ±2.576 | Z CRIT = -2.33 | Z CRIT = +2.33 | α=.05 (95% CONF) | Z CRIT = ±1.96 | Z CRIT = -1.645 | Z CRIT = +1.645 | α=.10 (90% CONF) | Z CRIT = ±1.645 | Z CRIT = -1.28 | Z CRIT = +1.28 |
Step 3: Find your z or t calculated

Step 4: Compare Z or T calculated to Z or T critical
Reject the null if… TWO TAILED | LOWER TAIL | UPPER TAIL | z calc ≤ -z crit OR z calc ≥ +z crit | z calc ≤ -z crit | z calc ≥ +z crit | Proportions are worked the same way except that they always use z z =

| HO TRUE | HO FALSE | ACCEPT HO | Probability = 1-α (confidence)This is correct | Probability = βType II errorConsumer (β) risk | REJECT HO | Probability = αType I errorProducer (α) risk | Probability = 1-β (power of test)This is correct | CHAPTER 10 TWO TAILED | LOWER TAIL | UPPER TAIL | Ho : µ1 = µ2 OR µ1 - µ2 = 0 | Ho : µ1 ≥ µ2 OR µ1 - µ2 ≥ 0 | Ho : µ1 ≤ µ2 OR µ1 - µ2 ≤ 0 | Ha : µ1 ≠ µ2 OR µ1 - µ2 ≠ 0 | Ha : µ1 < µ2 OR µ1 - µ2 < 0 | Ha : µ1 > µ2 OR µ1 - µ2 > 0 | The point estimate for sample differences is: The standard error is: Compute z calc as: Compute t calc as: Matched Samples – when samples from a population are matched, that is, they share a common index (person, organization, or location), the populations are considered to be dependent. TWO TAIL | LOWER TAIL | UPPER TAIL | Ho : µd = 0 | Ho : µd ≥ 0 | Ho : µd ≤ 0 | Ha : µd ≠ 0 | Ha : µd < 0 | Ha : µd > 0 |…...

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