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How to Write an Executive Summary on a Marketing Plan

by Ken McCarron, Demand Media
The purpose of including an executive summary in a marketing plan is to introduce the company and explain all the key elements of the plan in a shorter form. Anyone reading this summary will get a firm understanding of all aspects of the business; such a summary is perfect for those who aren't able to read the entire plan. It's always a good idea to prepare the executive summary last so all important details from the marketing plan can be included. Each section should be clearly marked in whichever order you think fits best with your company's mission and goals.

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Describe all the different products and services your business offers. Write clearly and to the point. List each item and give a short description of how that product or service will be used in your business.

Step 2
Describe how long you've been in business, as well as your annual sales figures, customers and any accomplishments you want people to know about. If this is a new business, describe the qualifications you have to run it successfully.

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Step 3
Introduce your business partners and management team and their respective qualifications.

Step 4
Explain the structure of the business. List different departments and if there is or will be a board of directors.

Step 5
List any professionals you'll be utilizing to support your operations, such as accountants or lawyers.

Step 6
Describe your company's mission statement and objectives for the future.

Step 7
Include a short statement about your company's main marketing objectives and tactics and how these will be carried out.…...

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