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Spyware can be good but also bad so we are going to compare the good vs. the bad. The definition of spyware is a program that is install into your computer and gathers information wether for good or bad reasons.
Lets talk about legitimate spyware and there are many. For example,
computers automaticly have cookies to track were you been and it records its.
For business side it a good idea to have cookies because it can tell you whether the person is on or how many times and if your in shopping kind of business that helps out a lot.
Cookies also authenticate your site.

There are other good perpuses of spyware but I would have to look longer.
Now for the bad spyware, and there are a lot of bad stuff about spyware. For example,
can never go away one click away from hackers having your information can not be seen collact data such as valueble information popup keyloggers

And the list just goes on and on, over all its a bad idea to have spyware but we need it too because it helps us identify if we got hacked through cookies and yet cookies are bad too. Technology is growing and some stuff we can not control but we can prevent from it getting out of hand.


http://www.vbmb.org/Resources/Technology-Help/SpyWare-Facts.cfm http://www.pcsndreams.com/Pages/Articles/spyware_facts.htm http://lockergnome.net/questions/72264/what-are-cookies-are-they-a-good-thing-or-do-they-take-up-space-and-slow-down-your-web-browser http://exids.com/0421/facts-about-spyware-and-malware/ Case 2-2

The definition of social engineering is a way that people can trick others to give out the information with out them understanding whats really happening. Its also called a “con game”, because even con-men do social engineering although they do it for money or even homeless people do social engineering because they have to…...

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...Spyware? Harlan Coben’s article, “The Undercover Parent” , March 16,(2008), is about the advantages of having spyware on your children’s computer. Coben believes that the internet in a dangerous place. Therefore, a parent has the right to monitor you kid. She states that as a parent you have the responsibility to monitor your children and keeping them safe.”Trust is one thing, but surrendering parental responsibility to a machine that allows the entire world access to your home borders on negligence” this quote implies that parents who believe that the internet is a safe place they are neglecting their parental duties. In addition a agree with Coben’s argument that spyware is a way to protect your children. I believe that parents should use spyware on their children’s computer only for the sole purpose of keeping their children safe. There are many disadvantages that the internet can have on your children’s life. Also, there is no reason for your child to hide anything from you. Parents have the right to monitor their kids if they feel like they are in danger. If the parents action is in the right state of mind then they are doing what a responsible parent would do. For example, ”One friend of mine, using spyware to monitor his college-bound straight -A daughter, found out that not only was she using drugs but she was sleeping with her dealer.” The dad was aware of the situation his daughter has been in and confronted her to talk out the situation. The first reason......

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