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A Strategic Analysis


Spectrum Brands (SPC) is a global branded consumer products company with seven major product lines including Rayovac consumer batteries, Tetra pet supplies, Remington electric shaving, grooming and personal care products, VARTA portable lighting, Vigoro lawn care, Sta-Green lawn and garden, Repel, Hot Shot, and Spectracide household insect control. After acquiring United Industries from Thomas H. Lee (THL) the Boston based private equity firm in 2005, Rayovac (ROV) changed its name to Spectrum Brands and started trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) as “SPC”.
World Market
The worldwide market sector in which Spectrum competes is estimated to be US$300 billion1. The worldwide market for batteries alone is estimated at US$50 Billion2. Worldwide dog and cat food sales stood at US$45.12 billion, a 4.9% increase over the previous year3. The market for grooming consumer product is about 16 billion4. Spectrum also competes in the $8 billion 5 consumer lawn and garden market.
Corporate History
Rayovac Corporation is the third leading U.S. manufacturer of alkaline storage batteries and the market leader in other battery categories such as hearing aids, computer backup,…...

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