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The following is the trial balance of Koperasi Utara Berhad as at 1 January 2012.

|Accounts |Debit (RM) |Credit (RM) |
|Cash on hand and bank |78,200 | |
|Fixed deposit |311,000 | |
|Inventory |763,000 | |
|Other receivables and deposit |20,500 | |
|Receivable — Computer scheme loan |85,300 | |
|Receivable — Cash scheme loan |153,000 | |
|Receivable — Mudharabah scheme |34,000 | |
|Trade receivable |580,000 | |
|Investment |13,000 | |
|Fixed assets |144,000 | |
|Accumulated depreciation —fixed assets | |102,000 |
|Trade payable | |772,000 |
|Accounts’ payable — hire purchase (long term) | |84,600 |
|Statutory reserve fund | |120,000 |
|Capital reserve…...

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