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This story by English author W Somerset Maugham (1874–1965) is about culture, manners, outward appearances, values and – most importantly of all – prejudice. Prejudice exists because it is human nature to stereotype new people we meet based on race or how they look before getting to know them. The moral of the story can be summed up in the English proverb: “You should not judge a book by its cover”.

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The words and expressions in our Simplified English version of the story which are not in our Pre-Intermediate Level 1800 word list are: avenue, belief, cabin, clasp, cocktail, cologne, compliment, cunning, deck, faint, fancy-dress, fierce, flash, flesh, fluency, humor, insult, Levantine, magnify, martini, modest, oriental, pearl, porthole, ready-made, talkative, thump, trunk, victory.

Many English words have more than one meaning. There are several words in the story that are in our Pre-Intermediate level 1800 word list but are used in way that is different to their most common meaning. The words are:

“ball”… a formal dance. (การเต้นรำ)
“familiar”… used to describe someone who is too friendly and not respectful. (ที่สนิทสนม)
“patience”… the British name for a card game played by one person; in America it is known as solitaire. (เล่นไพ่คนเดียว)
“post”… one’s current job or duties in a company or organization (หน้าที่)
“rubbish”… foolish talk; nonsense (ไร้สาระ)
“trade”… the kind of business or occupation you do (อาชีพ)
“wardrobe”… as well as meaning a tall piece of furniture in which clothes are stored, the word ‘wardrobe’ (ตู้เสื้อผ้า) is also a collective noun used to refer to a set of clothes such as ‘summer wardrobe’, ‘winter wardrobe’, ‘travel…...

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